I am a features and travel writer, and a blogger. Here you can find My Portfolio of Work; my blogs – View From A Broad – an account of my exploits when I lived in the Middle East, and Where Did My Life Go? – an account of a life-changing health scare that happened to me several years ago. You can also read about my novel – Splintered Lives , for which I am seeking agent representation.

The Formal Blurb

A highly experienced, well-regarded international editor and features writer, I focus on travel, culture, wellbeing, mental health, family, parenting and exploring the people behind a story. A key aspect of my work is attention to detail, strong research, and a collaborative approach.

I am currently a freelance contributor to Waitrose Weekend; the author of  View From A Broad: The Blog about my life as an expat in the Middle East;  and am in the process of completing the rewrites for my first novel Splintered Lives.

Previously, I was Deputy Editor for Good Housekeeping Middle East; freelanced for Grazia; was Sub Editor for a series of arts and culture magazines in Bahrain and Dubai; was Editor of Destination Dubai, a biannual lifestyle guidebook designed for the luxury leisure market;  wrote The Soul of Dubai – a guidebook focusing on culture, food and history for Dubai Culture and Arts Authority; co-wrote The Unofficial Guide Dubai for Frommers and Cartoville Dubai for Gallimard Loisirs. I have also been a copywriter for clients such as Blackberry, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, Panasonic, Persil and Samsung. All my published work can be found HERE.

I have run Creative Writing courses for services users at Mind and am also an experienced HR professional.  At Mind in Mid Herts (a regional branch of Mind) I project-led the Mind Quality Mark assessment (successfully gaining the award), wrote governance policies and was responsible for recruitment and welfare of staff.

I am available for freelance writing and editing work and can be contacted at ds.simpson05@gmail.com to discuss your requirements.

And all the other stuff…

Originally from London, I backpacked for a year round India before studying French and Spanish at university. I  worked for PGL chaperoning groups of 16-18 year olds to France on adventure holidays, but a proficiency in whitewater kayaking didn’t earn me enough to live on so I headed back to London to work variously as a management trainer, with the homeless community and as a French teacher.

I returned to college to study Art & Design, was told I’d be suited to curating, and somehow ended up in the conservation department of the National Museum of Bahrain in 2006, where I restored 5000 year old pots. After a respectable amount of time I escaped onto archaeological digs for a year before finding work on a glossy magazine as a features writer.

I moved to Dubai in 2009 and after freelancing for Grazia and a stint at Good Housekeeping Magazine as deputy editor, decided to write my first novel – Splintered Lives telling the story of Isabelle Johnson and her mother Suzanne.  The discovery of her free-spirited mother’s diaries sets Isabelle on an unsettling journey to solve the mystery of her chaotic childhood and uncover the secrets of her mother’s past. The novel explores the themes of family relationships, friendship, first love and coming of age, as well as the impact of mental illness – particularly Suzanne’s diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

I was then commissioned to write guidebooks about Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar and worked as a features writer and sub editor for Brownbook Magazine which addresses urban issues, the arts and culture in the Middle East. I was also editor of a biannual coffee-table style guidebook – called Destination Dubai. 

In 2013, seven years after emigrating to the Middle East, I had to pack up my expat life and return to London for a year of breast cancer treatment, which I’ve written about here.

A year after the end of treatment, still slightly shell-shocked, a desire to ‘give back’ saw me running Creative Writing courses for service users at mental health charity Mind. 

I am now back to writing full time, freelancing for Waitrose Weekend, working on rewrites of Splintered Lives and penning View From A Broad: The Blog – about my adventures in the Middle East.

I have a passion for a good story, dark humour and what makes people tick. I am naturally inquisitive and am particularly interested in psychology, travel, mental health issues, and relationships: all themes I bring to my features, my novel and my blog.

Drop me a line here  – I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Hi, Danielle, read your latest article with admiration, a real page turner if screens had pages to turn. If you give me your e-mail address i will send you some drawings. It might be possible to do it via f/b and blogs but only to someone with a more techy brain than me. I want to send you my Alphabet of Adverbs – in about 30 daily parts. Warning! I draw constantly, often at night and any friend who shows even a flicker of interest gets bombarded with my visual thoughts. xxMadeline
    oh, re: “not techy” I think I’ve written this on the wrong page… proves my point, I supp

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