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So what do I actually write? Magazine features on wellbeing, mental health and physical health,  art, the arts, culture, design, real-life issues, opinion pieces, travel, relationships, family issues, food, photography, business. Travel guides. Client-led books, publications and advertorials. You can find all my published work at a glance here.

I am available for freelance writing and editing work.

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Magazine Features

Waitrose Weekend MAY 10 2018 – Time To Say No

Waitrose Weekend JAN 18 2018 – Memory

Waitrose Weekend_ SEP 21 2017 – Dubai

Waitrose Weekend JUL 06 2017 – Social Media

Waitrose Weekend FEB 22 2018_Resilience


GH_Good Home Feature

GH_Good Health Feature

GRAZIA – p.2 Real Life –GRAZIA – p.3 Real Life –

BB_Cooking with Love


DD_Food Glorious Food

BC_Hidden In Full View

Travel Guides

FROMMERS Unofficial Guide Dubai- Sightseeing

BB_Soul of Dubai City Guide_Dubai Culture Authority

Desert Oasis ADTA

BC_Dubai Summer

Art Exhibition Brochures

Art Dubai

Abu Dhabi Art

Design Journal

Design Days Dubai

Client Advertorials


Cadillac DPS

Mercedes Benz




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